Invest In Your Team

Our Employee Shuttle Service makes transportation for your employees easy.

It could also improve the level of rest, focus and productivity of your workforce. 


How it works

We work together to create a custom transportation plan for your employees.

From the types of vehicles to the sites of pick-ups/drop-offs, you choose the best way of getting your team to/from work safely and efficiently.


Less stress: We’ll take care of navigating the accidents, construction and heavy traffic. For 30+ years, passenger safety and well-being has been our #1 priority. Every vehicle is maintained by our on-site mechanic and driven by certified, professional drivers who are as friendly and kind as they are experienced! 

Efficiency: Your employees will no longer have to worry about bus delays, car problems or not having enough space in the company parking lot affecting their ability to get to work on time. Also, no matter the road conditions, we pride ourselves on expecting the unexpected, monitoring traffic routes (24/7), excellent driver/dispatcher communication, having backup vehicles ready, arriving on time and always being prepared. 

Productivity: According to the Census Bureau, it takes about 25 minutes to travel to work in Phoenix (Scroll to “Transportation”). Imagine gifting your team that extra 50 minutes to rest, preserve their energy, answer company emails or work on something for the day ahead. 

Get started today

To join our Employee Shuttle Service, please contact marketing director Amer Taleb at