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To our loyal frequent riders, the road warriors, the travel addicts, and to anyone who enjoys being rewarded; it's time your shuttle service said thank you.

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Every trip you book earns you Xpress Points, Xpress Points earn you free trips

1 Xpress Point = $1

*Every dollar spent earns you an equal amount of Xpress Points

*Points rewarded on the base fare of completed services only

Track Your Points

Your online profile makes it easy to see and track your Xpress Point wallet

Earn Quickly

Start booking your free trips at just 360 Points

Redeem Easily

Simply give us a call at 623-933-9300 and ask to book with your Xpress Points


Earning points is easy. Book your trip online or over the phone and you'll receive an equal number of Xpress Points for the dollar value of your base fare

Xpress Points are earned on the base fare of shared ride, sedan and private shuttle service. Riders must have a minimum of 360 Xpress Point balance to reserve using points. Trip costs begin at 360 points and vary based on location of pickup and drop off. Points are applied to your account when you've completed a trip and expire 12 months from the date they are earned.

Redeem Xpress Rewards

Only 360 Xpress Points are needed to start book a trip, and using your points takes just one simple phone call

Give us a call

Dial 623-933-9300 and let us know you would like to make a reservation using your Xpress Points

We can find your profile by the phone number or last name used to sign up for your Xpress Points account

Let us know your trip details

Give us the when, where, and how many people you'd like to make a reservation for

Actual rewards bookings vary based on pickup and drop off location

Pack your bags

Make sure not to forget the camera and sun screen, with your reservation made you can sit back and relax knowing we'll be when and where you told us to be

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Signing up is quick and easy, just click the button below to get started

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Fill out the login form and click "Register" when complete

Click "My Points"

Click "Participate"

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Xpress Rewards?

Please don't hesitate to contact our reservations team by emailing us at reservations@suncityexpress.com or giving us a call at 623-933-9300.
The base fare of a reservation is the original price of the reservation without any added charges or fees. For example, a reservation from Surprise for one person could cost $44 with an additional rider costing $10. This brings the total fare to $55, but the base fare that earns you points is the original $44.
Simply let us know you'd like to use your Xpress Points and any remaining balance can be paid using your credit card.
Of course! You even have the option to upgrade your shuttle service by using at least 360 points then paying the difference for the sedan or private van service.
You sure can, just give us a call and let us know that you'll be using your Xpress Points and would like to make a reservation for someone else.
Just like regular fares, reward fares will vary based on the pickup and drop off zip code. What this means is that a trip from Sun City will cost less points than a trip from Wickenburg.